Great Eastern Life Representative Trade-In Programme

We accept devices of all brands and models, however their values will be subjected to our evaluation or appraisal.

The trade-in device(s) will only be accepted if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Trade-ins are eligible only for customers who have purchased a device from JK Technology.
  2. Device must be in well working condition
  3. No cosmetic damage i.e no broken casing, screen, severe scratch, wear and tear or corrosion
  4. No liquid damage
  5. Device must be able to power on and off
  6. Device must be able to be charged
  7. If your device has been reported lost or stolen, it is not eligible for trade-in
  8. JK Technology reserve the rights to reject any trade-ins at our own discretion

Trade-In Procedure

Customers are advised to reset devices and remove personal data prior to the trade-in, and it is compulsory to bring along the full set of accessories along with the device(s).

  1. Please fill up the Trade-In form during our roadshow and bring device to JK Technology’s premises (by appointment only). Alternatively, email us at with the following information:

    Subject: Great Eastern Life Representative Trade-In Programme

    Customer Information

    Order Number:
    First Name:

    Last Name:
    Phone Number:
    Staff Card Number:

    Trade-In Device Information
    Serial Number:

    List of Accessories included:

  2. Device(s) to be evaluated by our staff before a trade-in value is decided
  3. Customer is to visit our premises to receive payment

For any enquiry, please email us at or call us at (+65) 6841 6868 (ext. 3020).